Flights to Campeche

To fly to Campeche, it is advisable to book the flight online, so you will have time to plan your itinerary well and choose those that best fit your expectations and budget. You can choose to make a direct or stopover flight, logically depending on, among other things, the place of your country of origin.
There are numerous platforms for flight reservations such as tripadvisor, kayak, expidia, etc.
You can also buy the ticket directly from the airport but it is almost always more expensive, and you have less time to make the right choice. The more time in advance of the flight you make the reservation the more opportunities you will have to choose an optimal flight.

How far is Campeche International Airport from central Campeche?

Campeche International Airport is 2 miles from the center of City of Campeche.

Whats the best time to flight to Campeche?

The best season to fly to Campeche coincides with the season of low tourism in the entire Yucatan region, mainly Cancun, since all these cities belong to the tourist circuit of the Yucatan Peninsula that contains not only the beautiful beaches of Cancun but all the Maya riviera.
The low season runs from May to October. Also keep in mind that the hurricane season in the region runs from late July to October.